Noah's Ark

An "I Blame Coco" cover.

Last Train to Glory

An Arlo Guthrie song. With Steve Apirana.

Rain On Mars

A song about rain. On Mars.

Far, Far, Far Away

A song about Pluto.

The Multiplication Song

A song about bacteria and exponential growth.

Playing the Uilleann Bagpipes for the very first time

Yeah, yeah, I know it's not pronounced "ooo-lean". It's "illan". I know.

Jeff Simmonds - Maybe in Our Next Incarnation

Maybe in our next incarnation, if we come back as birds or animals, I will, find you and we'll be together, like we meant to be.

Jeff Simmonds - Let's Shut Down Waihopai!

Jeff Simmonds sings about closing down the US spy base ay Waihopai, New Zealand, that is implicated in the US war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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